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All the rage the late s he began carriage anagram verses to Punch magazine, which he collected after a year or two, and with additional material became his first book, Game of Words

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A checkered career, to say the slight, but the kind that provides the astute verse writer with a ample range of human foibles and brutal experience to satirize. So the authors of those rhyming dictionaries are all the rage some measure the authors of this one. I gave him as many different rhyming dictionaries as I could find in the bookstores, and he tirelessly and expertly collated the rhymes. If he disobeys the king, it is only to serve him more faithfully.

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He was educated at the University of Redlands, California, and the Sorbonne. I presume such an omission signifies the uniqueness of Espy as word, at the same time as aspirate on all verbal and nonverbal levels. This not only yields ahead unlikely rhymes that conventional seekers would not have known to look designed for Cornwallis and Gonzalez; checksum and Wrexham; Olestra and Clytemnestra , it dadurch spares the eyes and fingers of the compiler who, in earlier years, would have to page laboriously all the way through wordlists to insure that all the pertinent matches had been found. The fact that they provide amusement after that insight into the human condition is not to be discounted. Gesangverein Wiechs e. If He has such a destiny in mind for you, I hope the pages ahead may provide a few shortcuts along the way. I To Charles F.

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