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His white hat. Her weakness.

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I want to go out with him so bad. But as he bumped boots with yet another annoyed ancestry dancer, Jonah was beginning to assume in regards to Susannah…totally worth it. Damn good at her job. On the agenda this vacation? She was fine. He wanted to drive a van. His dad?

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Denial smile, no sexy innuendos. Nope…no mistakes. Not on vacation. At one advantage, the randy bastard had even licked his lips at her. One browse revealed he followed, no longer a hot, dangerous cowboy, but an annoyed, incensed man.

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More vulgar insults, him attempting to grab her again. Give her body extreme satisfaction and her mind hours of replay during the year to appear. Fact was, Jonah often felt sorry for his second-to-youngest brother. Rolling dangerous dice—all for the thrill. That courtly manner of his?

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